July 19, 2009

TOP 3....hey what about 4th!!

Since the time I recollect..have always been told about 1st, 2nd, 3rd ranks...be it my 1st Class, 10th, 12th, Graduation..or be it about a marathon held in Delhi, or Olympics in Beijing (hey they call them Gold, Silver, Bronze), or about winners of a lottery, or ..or..or..about ...pick top 3 of whatever comes to your mind..
...have started wondering now why its Top 3 not - Top 4 or Top 2... Rule is simple, 1st one bettered 2nd, 2nd one bettered 3rd, so did 4th to 5th. Had we lived in Top 4 instead of Top 3 we would certainly have had more winners all along (well 33%).. So what limited it to Top 3, probably the answer is in two parts..
one - we, the followers, have always seen Top 3 so we continue with that
two -the guy who termed 'Top 3' was either 3rd in the list of some competition at the advent of documented competitions in human age (blah...), or father of a prince who stood 3rd in some competition

...you guys can answer and choose Top 3 to be probable answers but one thing that still confuses me is why do I set my car stereo volume to 15 not 17 or 14 when my ears can't see ..and why do we have 5 rs coin..not 6 or 7... and hey why do we celebrate 100 runs and not 137 when latter is clear 37 more..probably Table of 5 was the easiest to remember in school..thats why!


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