March 8, 2010


Two of my friends purchased bicycles over last week. Both of them are 30+, working and definitely quite different from college or school going young guys who would normally fit in the frame of our imagination of someone sitting on a bi-cycle.

I told them that its recession that prompted them to go ahead and buy a bi-cycle; of course both of them defended it out like any thing, and they were right that they did not purchase it to save money. They both come to the office in their own cars and would continue to...

In fact I never reasoned that its to save money, but the promoting reason was recession. Here is why: recession forced our minds to go back into our simpler less expensive times refreshing the life style we had when money was scarce. It brought out those happinesses that were less expensive and more happier. It recreated some less cluttered images of life in our brain. And from there, sub-conscientiously came out the BI-CYCLE a simple easy to acquire machine that takes you places, that was and always is a pleasure to drive, that reflected , that is one of the last pleasant activities we did around 10-15 years back when we used to just bicycle and have fun of it.

Of course none of them agreed to my this loosely founded theory, but no one agreed with Copernicus too...on something I don't recall...probably something I don't agree to ;)

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