October 18, 2014

O Bhindi !

The BhindiO Bhindi!

Yes dear, I do appreciate you now
for you took three months from that seed
with daily water, & monthly compost
with endless little white moths
for those hibiscus creamish flowers
that hosted countless ants when they were buds
and then they shed to let flourish the fruit - you
you - well, books say you are a vegetable, not fruit

I do appreciate you now
for peer tomato plants died long back
while capsicum never awoke from its seeds
for spinach is down with all the bugs
and here you stand, with a brother of yours

O God, I do appreciate you now too
for giving me this bhindi
out of thin air, literally
for the amazing science you applied
we are still dissecting it
and for showing my limited mind
that a bhindi is photogenic too

O farmer, I can't tell you how much I appreciate you now
for it took me months to get - one Bhindi!
and you have been feeding me
my family, the whole humanity, since ever
Am going crazy
- thinking how many bhindis the world eats daily
you got a big task man
and you have been doing it silently there, somewhere
while I have been busy on my growth, on buying a new phone, you know, a smarter one

I do appreciate you now.