September 22, 2015

Met a cow on my way to office

Where is she going ?

 Met a cow on my way to office
...going somewhere
the question came up - where?
I tried asking her, she doesn't understand me
still walking
head jerked to left, tail to right
tail to left, head to right
walking straight in the line, eyes down, on the road

Does she know where the road leads to
What if she forgets the way back
Probably there is no home,
no stuff in there
and no need of way back

Is she going to meet someone
Is she going shopping
Is she going to find something to eat, or drink
She doesn't know, but going she is.

Not that she is going no where
Somewhere she is going
I wonder - is here, there and where same for her as for us
And I realise that she is not going anywhere
She is just leaving there
And she just keeps leaving there step by step
Unless she gets to a better 'there'

- Manish Joshi, Sep 2015

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