April 24, 2009

new mobile in recession time !!

so all of us changed our mobiles every six to nine months...yes yes ..we had reasons for that..new ones are jazzy..have new features...music..camera ..small..sleek..fresh..and that too everytime!

thats something most of us are missing while facing the heat of recession.

But I got a solution for this...few days back my wife was playing around with my mobile and she changed the display theme..oh man it looked very fresh again..almost new...now I know what to do some months down the line..right! change the theme again..

..and then this colleague of mine who had to change the cover of her mobile to replace that junky cover..and it was as good as a new mobile....Hmmm...

realised that combined 'theme and cover' change would be the killer combination..;)

you know what to do now..bye..go and have fun with your new mobile theme :)

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