February 12, 2016

Dolphins are from west !

That is what I have believed all along. Why? Whenever I have seen them performing in swimming pools on TV, its always been with equally beautiful western trainers, on western channels. Oh yes, I have seen them with some Japanese trainers as well. But then, Japan is west to west. Isn't it.

It wasn't until I visited Goa, and we were taken on a dolphin trip..aw..where we could see dolphins in the sea, I realised that Dolphins are in India too. wow. Alas, the trip had to be cancelled mid-way (or say mid-sea) due to ugly weather.

I still thought these must have been some kind of second class Dolphins. Hey, we are in India, and Dolphins are from west.

Similarly, I had never taken half a million 'Olive Ridley' turtles that arrive in Odisha for nesting seriously. Hey the name is very western, what could they be doing in India. It must be some low key affair, I thought!

Not until I read the recent news of 66 feet whale found in Odisha, or 45 Baleen whales stranded in Tamil Nadu, or another 40 feet blue whale rescued in Maharashtra, and another 30 foot Bryde's whale found in Mumbai that I realised that there is rich marine biodiversity in India.

Only that I have been very ignorant and I just don't know. And many Indians just don't know.

And now I miss not having see the Dolphins in Goa. By the way, Goa is our western coast ;)

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