June 12, 2014

will they get water next?

with my shades on
from the comfort of my AC car
that I am driving from my AC office
to my AC home
and as I observe that its scorching hot outside
I wait on this traffic light
and I see these doves
doing what they do the best
dove tailing each other
lovingly, playfully and beautifully
comes the thought  - do they know where will they get water next?

do they care about some
that I left in the balcony for them
actually lot less than I flush in one go
do they have the Maps to get there
would the doves who have seen it, Tweet it
do they know the Weather tomorrow - its going to be hot
It seems they don't care
I sure know that we don't care
- after all they aren't Angry Birds, they look happy

but still, flies by the thought - will they get water next?

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